MLXi – Machine Learned Domain Inference

Empowering Predictions Through Machine Learning


Our Big Data Domain Intelligence solution, offered as a Platform (Platform As a Service) generate Machine Learned Domain Intelligence through the application of our proprietary combination of over 25 algorithms on your “Big Data”. This results in uncovering “hidden” patterns and “feature selections” among numerous domain specific attributes and parameters leading to an improved strategic, tactical, and operational decision making process. MLXi produces highly personalized predictions and prescriptions.

  • Ensemble of Machine Learning algorithms to process the data.
  • Comprehensive model with interconnected algorithms which works in unison to provide consolidated results.
  • Easy to use Plug and Play interface to load your own, or third-party, domain specific data.
  • Provides high level inferences, allowing relevant Predictions and Prescriptions.


PaaS model eliminates the need for costly software upgrades and maintenance. Our easy File Upload module enables the customers to upload their own data files through a simple web interface. Data is processed using over 20 advanced Machine Learning algorithms to come up with Predictions and Prescriptions. Scalable and extendable architecture allows clients to configure input and output parameters to their specific domain.

  • Simplification and summarization of voluminous data/analytics into an easy to understand prediction matrix.
  • Accurate and actionable metrics, predictions and prescriptions based on statistical and ML algorithms.
  • Self-Learning techniques enhance the model’s predictive capabilities and make recommendations more reliable over time.
  • Ensemble ML based solutions which have a much higher probability of success and lower errors.