DXi – Digital Experience Index


DXi – is our Digital Marketing Solution which creates a DX index (DXi); a GLOBAL Benchmark Index to quantify and enhance Consumer DX Satisfaction. This gives us the capability to provide consumer insights and business KPI’s and provide recommendations to increase sales conversions, engagements, retentions and decrease costs.

DXi measures and quantifies user’s DX satisfaction as a benchmark index/score and a set of sub-indices. Creates an index without the need of a survey or analytics eliminating poor adoption rates, and highly skewed/biased analysis. Correlates the DXi to business metrics, with action items and decision trees providing recommendations for improving a user’s DX. Goes beyond current analytics through machine learning to generate advanced indices (DXi+), with corresponding predictions and prescriptions to drive digital excellence.


Web based SaaS model eliminates need for costly software implementations and maintenance Our easy-to-install plugin seamlessly tracks online individual user behavior using predefined parameters and categories Our ready-to-use API integrates 3rd party analytics data directly into the DXi algorithms Our file load tool is ideally suited for large businesses with voluminous data and allows user-defined parameters and categories. It can support multiple file formats with speed and ease.

Simplification and summarization of voluminous data/analytics into an easy to understand index (DXi) Accurate and actionable metrics, predictions and recommendations based on statistical and ML algorithms Ability to track individual as well as aggregate user experience information to gain deep insights into digital behavior. Self-Learning, clustering and classification techniques enhance the model’s predictive capabilities and make recommendations more reliable over time.

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DXi Features