Sriya DXi is participating in the TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) Competition for “Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia” on March 17, 2016.

Sriya DXi is happy to announce that DXi Technology and its components/algorithms are now available for use as a “PaaS” Or can be licensed as a package or by algorithm. 

Sriya DXi is now an active member of Georgia Tech ATDC (Advanced Technology Development Center)  – 01/22/2016

Sriya DXi is a member of Atlanta Business League which provide economic empowerment and business development opportunities in Atlanta, GA  – 01/21/2016

Sriya DXi Product will be showcased in the AIMA (Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association) event on 01/27 in Buckhead, Atlanta

Sriya DXi Product showcased in Open-BDA Summit in Pakistan on 11/26