Our Value Proposition

Digital Marketing

Companies whose digital marketing strategy drives having an e-commerce capability spend a lot of effort and money in trying to understand consumer digital experiences (DX) that inform them how to improve profitability and ROI.   This impacts productivity because they must: grapple with high checkout abandonment rates; struggle with low conversion of consumers to customers; struggle with low customer retention and engagement; and high customer support costs.

Existing web analytics encourage subjective approaches to understanding consumer DX which lack the accuracy, consistency and objectivity to link the consumer DX to meaningful outcomes like profitability or ROI.


Big Data Domain Intelligence

A major problem companies currently face involves understanding the intelligence that is “hidden” in their “Big Data”.  The volume, velocity, and variety of data that must be processed from various business domains across digital assets contributes to making the task of gathering actionable intelligence, an already difficult problem exponentially harder to solve.


SriyaDXi solutions to these problems are complementary tools to help your company achieve its strategic aims.


DXi – is our digital marketing solution which creates a DX index (DXi); a Global Benchmark Index to quantify and enhance Consumer DX Satisfaction. This gives us the capability to provide consumer insights and business KPI’s and provide recommendations to increase sales conversions, engagements, retentions and decrease costs.


MLXi – is our Machine Learned Domain intelligence solution that generate Machine Learned Domain Intelligence through the application of our proprietary combination of over 25 algorithms on your “Big Data”.  This results in uncovering “hidden” patterns and “feature selections” among numerous domain specific attributes and parameters leading to an improved strategic, tactical, and operational decision making process. MLXi produces highly personalized predictions and prescriptions.


The bottom-line, DXi and MLXi, contribute to moving organizations closer to achieving financial, customer, process, and organization capability strategic objectives.