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What are ML (Machine Learning) Algorithms?

Machine Learning algorithms fall into the area of ‘artificial intelligence.’ These are mathematical models that ‘learn’ from data and discover hidden relationships not readily apparent from human analysis.

What is the supported Software Distribution Model?

We follow Software as a Service (SaaS) Distribution model. Only requirement on Client side is to install the plugin script on your web servers. The beauty of SaaS is that you will not need any Infrastructure on your side. All you need is to access the Software through an externally hosted URL supported by us. We support the Infrastructure and as an extended arm of your company we ensure 100% Infrastructure / Application Performance and Availability.

How difficult is it to use DXi and DXi+?

Try our demo and you will find DXi and DXi+ offer unparalleled ease of use. There is no need to download software packages, review your operating system compatibility or apply the bothersome patches from time to time! Just access the DXi or DXi+ website and start uploading your data right away. The website offers a user-friendly interface. Following a few simple steps you can upload data and see your results within a matter of minutes! With these tools you can crunch complex consumer data and have simplified indices, charts, action-plans – the very tips of increasing your customer satisfaction at your fingertips!

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