Our Company

SriyaDXI, LLC is an innovative and dynamic technology company that develops and sells cloud-based machine-learning (ML) software solutions to help companies maximize and achieve the desired results of their digital marketing campaigns and understand the “hidden” stories behind their domain centric Big Data to make actionable strategic decisions.  Through the adoption and implementation of our products, Digital Experience Index (DXi), and Machine Learned Domain Intelligence (MLXi), our clients can benefit from the usage of our proprietary and extensive suite of over 25 ML algorithms to generate personalized predictions and recommendations that improve our client’s competitive advantage, market share and profitability.


We measure our success based on the successes of our clients while implementing the predictions and recommendations our solutions provide.


For organizations who need help with their digital marketing, DXi contributes to:

–  Decrease checkout abandonment rates

–  Increase sales conversion rate

–  Improve customer retention and engagement

–  Lower customer support costs


For organizations who need help extracting intelligence from their Big Data Domains, MLXi contributes to:

–  Applying a higher level of intelligence, machine learning, to existing data mining efforts to deliver actionable results to drive and measure improvements in process effectiveness, process efficiency, and adaptability.


SriyaDXI, LLC strives to provide the highest level of innovative machine learning based solutions to major companies, mid-range companies and small scale entrepreneurs either directly or through an established partner network.

Our Reason for Being

To enhance a company’s effectiveness to achieve strategic business objectives by providing ML-based predictions and recommendations to improve; a.) digital experience (DX) and b.) business domains based intelligent solutions (MLXi)

Our Mission

To be the global benchmark for delivering machine-learning (ML) solutions for measuring, quantifying, and improving digital marketing as well as a platform solution for optimizing cross industry domain intelligence data mining.

Our Values

Ensure Customer Success

Client satisfaction is the focus of our business and products.

Focus on Results

We understand that technology is used to achieve your goals.

Strive for Excellence

Our customers are more than just another client.


Being different, effective, and efficient matters.